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Health Not Scare Story Du Jour

From the BBC:

Coffee has been linked to a reduced risk of dying from prostate cancer in a study of nearly 50,000 US men.

Those who drank six or more cups a day were found to be 20% less likely to develop any form of the disease – which is the most common cancer in men. They were also 60% less likely to develop an aggressive form which can spread to other parts of the body…

That’s great news, isn’t it? Oh, wait…

“But charities say the evidence, reported in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, is still unclear. They do not recommend that men take up coffee drinking in the hope of preventing prostate cancer.”

At the risk of writing what you’re already thinking, do we not suspect that if the study had shown that drinking lots of coffee increased the risk of prostate cancer, these cancer ‘charities’ would find the evidence to be crystal clear?

PS, the National Cancer Institute is a department of the US government, if that’s relevant.


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