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Cars: Pointless telephone conversations and Her Indoors’ new car

The ‘phone rang at work today about two minutes before clocking off time…

Man: I’m calling from the AA to do a customer satisfaction survey. I believe your car broke down at the weekend and we’d like some feedback. Do you have a few minutes to spare?

Me: Yup, that’s me. I’ve got two minutes, make it quick.

Man: [Does the whole “This call may be recorded…” spiel] Can you confirm the first line of your address for security purposes?

Me: Why? You know my name, my telephone number and the fact I had a breakdown at the weekend, why don’t you tell me the first line of my address for my security purposes?

Man; OK, thank you for your time *click*

Shame really. I’ve no doubt the call was genuine; the actual real life AA man was quick to appear and most friendly and efficient, so I wouldn’t have minded bigging him up accordingly and generating a few pence commission for the poor sod in the call centre. Ah well.
On the topic of cars, Her Indoors drove round her new box which goes forward for a couple of weeks and then decided that it just wasn’t the same as her old car. She just couldn’t build up that emotional rapport with the new one.

So she took the first new one back to Car Giant, sold it back for a £1,000 loss and tracked down another 4×4 exactly like her previous one (except a bit newer and black) and bought that one instead. The new, new one cost £1,000 less than the refund she got for the soulless box, so all’s well that ends well, I suppose.

The new, new one promptly conked out the very next day, requiring a new battery, and in the mean time one of the side lights has gone. But I prefer it to the old 4×4 because the radio/CD player display defaults to the clock, which is always very handy in a car.


One response to “Cars: Pointless telephone conversations and Her Indoors’ new car

  1. Roger Thornhill May 24, 2011 at 7:29 am

    Look, just give me the £1000 and save yourself the bother. I am sure I can make better use of it than “Car Giant” ever could.

    For a start, my 18yr old MB 280TE needs a service!

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