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NIMBYs Of The Week

From the Basildon Recorder:

A DEVELOPER has been accused of trying to “sneak” extra homes on to a controversial green belt site.

Campaigners from Save Our Spaces Billericay are angry Banner Homes submitted a planning application to build a further 19 homes on the former Billericay School Farm, in Noak Hill Road.

Banner Homes has permission for 51 homes, after an initial application for 70 properties was rejected by Basildon Council. Billericay School sold the 1.7-hectare site to the developer for £5.5million…

Here’s a picture of the Basildon, pop. 40,000, from Google Maps. To give you an idea of the massive devastation this will cause, I stuck on a white square* (showing how big 1.7 hectares is) over the affected area:* It’s more of a rectangle shape actually, see here, but a rectangle is more difficult to cut out.


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