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Daily Mail On Top Form

Mildly interesting statistics on commuting via the BBC:

Three-quarters of UK workers have journeys to work of less than 30 minutes, according to the Office for National Statistics… Those who earn more and work in management or professional positions tend to having longer journey times, the statistics suggest.

Which is what you’d expect: there are more low paid jobs and fewer high paid jobs, so on the whole you’ll have to travel further from any given spot to get to where a high paid job is; people are less likely to want to commute a long distance for a low paid job; high paid jobs tend to be in town centres and the people who do them tend to live in the outer suburbs.

The Daily Mail turns this all deliciously on its head:

Long commute? Don’t fret – you are likely to earn more than people who live round the corner from work.

Which is almost as daft as asking your boss for a pay rise on the grounds you have now moved to a different city.


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