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That whole ‘legalising drugs’ thing…

Mummylonglegs stepped up to the oche, and I left a comment as follows (repeated here for posterity):

Completely agreed. And with drugs, there is a sliding scale, and I would suggest legalisation as follows:

1. Magic mushrooms – available from any greengrocer who can tell a poisonous mushroom from an edible one.

2. Mild cannabis, available from normal tobacconist/off-licence, over-18s only.

3. Ecstasy – available only at chemists, max. two tablets per customer Fridays and Saturdays only, over-18s only.

4. Cocaine – same as ecstasy – max. 1 gram per customer.

5. LSD – same as ecstasy, two tabs per customer but with six monthly renewable certificate from psychiatrist to say you are not nuts.

5. Heroin for injection – available with monthly repeat prescription from doctor at pharmacists.

6. Crack, still illegal, obviously.

And so on, I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but you just slot them in. All of these to be taxed like booze or fags, to be handed out with tedious leaflets with helpful advice for safe use and an admonishing glare.


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