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NIMBYs Of The Week

From comments at The Guardian (they are responding to things which I said, which I have put in speech marks for clarity):

aTao: “My view is yes, all this nature has a huge value, so let’s put a tax on those houses which benefit from it and use the proceeds to compensate those who are being excluded.”

No one is excluded (1), the benefits are not just for those that go there or live nearby. (2) Without nature and wildlife we would die, all of us, and pretty quickly too. That’s why it is considered priceless. (3)

1) Clearly a lot of people are excluded, or else there’d be no £-s-d market value premium on houses which have a nice view etc. As a counter-example: although breathable air is vital for human life and in theory priceless, the supply is unrestricted (because the Tories never worked out how to privatise it), so nobody has to pay for it, so breathable air has no £-s-d market value.

2) Yes they are, see (1).

3) Stating the bleedin’ obvious to support a non-point. Why do people do this? It’s irrelevant anyway, see counter-example in (1).

Ketts Oak: “It is about NIMBYs, Greenies and Home-Owner-ists generally keeping as much of the value of nature for themselves as possible.”

Do you work for a PR company or something? (4) How’s this sound – if you are so intent in turning the country into a car park, (5) give those of us who don’t want to live in a concrete hell hole a portion of our tax money back, and the opportunity to emigrate. (6) You can then create your own “individual” hell holes and wallow in them.” (7)

4) Nope, but I guess that he or she does.

5) Where did I recommend ‘turning the country into a car park’? Does this moron have no idea about actual land use statistics in the UK (scroll about half way down here)?

6) What tax money? It’s all been spent, hasn’t it? People like this are welcome to f- off with their share of the accrued public sector debt if they like.

7) It’s the NIMBYs who force other people to live in hell holes, isn’t it? In any event, this person is doing the usual Homey DoubleThink – they want to preserve ‘their’ bit of the countryside, and dressing this up as some sort of Noble Cause, but they want somebody else to pay for it. I’m very keen to look after nature a bit, but let’s be honest and accept that this benefits some and burdens others, so how about a bit of Tom Paine-style compensation?


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