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NIMBYs Of The Week

See if you can guess the town concerned before you click through to the article:

MORE than 140 businesses have objected to controversial plans to put students’ flats on St Clement’s car park… The developer, the Watkin Jones Group, is planning to build accommodation blocks to house 141 students on the … Council-owned car park.

If the £8m scheme gets approval from city council planners only 76 of the 120 car parking spaces will remain. Digging work has already started to find out if there are any significant archaeological remains on the site and traders say this has already taken up about 30 spaces next to Angel Meadow…

The council has pledged to look for a location for a temporary car park while the work takes place but so far a suitable place has not been found. Clinton Pugh, who runs Kazbar, Cafe CoCo and Cafe Tarifa in Cowley Road, fears businesses would be forced to shut.

He said: “Earlier this week the city council received objections from 145 businesses in St Clement’s, Cowley Road, High Street, King Edward Street and Turl Street. If this scheme goes ahead, there will be nowhere for shoppers to park for about a year and it will be incredibly damaging to shops and businesses in St Clement’s and the surrounding area.

“This plan will destroy St Clement’s and without a shadow of a doubt it will put some traders out of business. I personally knocked on the door of lots of shops and the traders I spoke to were happy to add their objections.”

Spotter’s Badge: Angry People In Local Newspapers.


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