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I can’t see this possibly going wrong.

From The Daily Mail:

A million jobless people are to be forced into a massive new welfare-to-work scheme run by private firms to ensure British jobs are filled by British workers, ministers will pledge today.

Companies, as well as some charities and public sector bodies, will be paid bounties of between £4,000 and £13,700 for every unemployed person they get into long-term work.

The plans include recruiting former Army officers to help instill discipline into young jobseekers, setting up restaurants to train people to work in the catering industry and creating funds for those that want to start their own businesses…

Just off the top of my head, I reckon it’s pretty inconceivable that it could ever happen that when somebody is offered a job somewhere, somebody in the HR department at that company gets in touch with a mate at the W2W provider, and instead of taking on that person directly, they re-route the recruitment process via the W2W to bank the lovely £4,000 – £13,700 bonus, which the W2W provider and actual employer then split between themselves.

We can also rule out the possibility that a lot of existing recruitment agencies for lower-end jobs see their business dry up.


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