Mark Wadsworth

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Some things just disappear overnight, and other things are phased out so gradually that you don’t notice until they are gone, for example – bumpers. The old Mini on the left has one, the new one on the right doesn’t. But it wasn’t a sudden transition, they just became bigger and flatter and then covered in rubber or sprayed to match the rest of the car until a couple of years ago, they disappeared complerely:We all know why this is – it’s because nobody cared if their bumper got bumped or scratched, and worst case, a new one cost £50 (in today’s money) and could be replaced in minutes, but if you get a serious bump or scratch on the front bit of your car today, the garage will charge you hundreds of pounds to replace it, assuming they can even track down the part, because it’s an integral part of the car and it’s probably got miles of electric cable in it to link it up to the lights and the parking sensors and all that nonsense.

Image pinched from Wiki


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