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“Buzzard attacks Gloucestershire pensioner”

From This Is Gloucestershire:

KEEN walker Nick George was left with blood pouring out of four deep scratches on the top of his head after a vicious attack by a buzzard. The 71-year-old is now warning people to be careful if they venture into the countryside as he did. He said: “If it attacked me, it could attack anybody.”

… Jemima Parry-Jones, of the International Centre for Birds of Prey, in Newent, said buzzards and other birds such as tawny owls occasionally attacked people to protect their young.

She said: “When any animal has a baby, it is liable to be defensive.” Miss Parry-Jones said people should be particularly vigilant during June and July. She added: “If you wear a hat, you won’t have a problem.”

Spotter’s Badge: Angry People In Local Newspapers


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