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What’s £14.73 between friends?

From Yahoo:

Plans to reinstate weekly bin collections have been shelved by the Government after a row between Cabinet ministers. Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman has announced the findings of the Government’s Waste Review – a cross-department examination of how to tackle waste. It contains a u-turn on the Communities’ Secretary Eric Pickles’ pledge to bring back weekly rubbish collections…

Caroline Flint, shadow communities secretary, said: “This latest evidence of the Government in chaos is a personal humiliation for Eric Pickles. He has spent years leading people on with overblown promises to restore weekly bin collections, despite Labour’s warnings that he would never be able to deliver. The Local Government Secretary should learn the lesson that chasing headlines is no substitute for properly worked out policies to make communities cleaner, greener and better places to live.”

Estimates of the costs of reinstating weekly bin rounds have been put at £140m in the first year alone…

Ho hum.

I personally am perfectly happy with fortnightly for normal rubbish and weekly for kitchen/garden waste (which is what they have where I live), others clearly are not.

But if you divide £140 million/year by 9.5 million households, that works out at a princely £14.74/year per household (28 pence/week!), which is hardly unaffordable, even in these straitened times.

I left in the rant from Caroline Flint because it is another fine example of DuckSpeak (Labour politicians seem to be better at this than Tory ones), it sounds quite fluent and sincere when she says it, but it’s actually completely devoid of any meaning or relevance to anything whatsoever.


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