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UK government gets something right for once – shock.

From the BBC:

The government is to say for the first time that it plans to link the public sector retirement age to the state pension age, which is to rise to 66. Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander is also due to confirm public sector pensions will be based on workers’ average salaries…

He is expected to say most public sector workers – bar the army, police and fire service – will see their retirement age linked to the state pension age. But he will also say low paid public sector workers on less than £15,000 will not face any increase in pension contributions and those earning less than £18,000 will have their contributions capped at 1.5%…

And so on an so forth, nothing radical but the sort of thing which has long been blindingly obvious to everybody else.

Most of the time I’m pointing out what the UK government has got horribly wrong, so I suppose it’s only fair to mention those rare occasions when it get something right. Normal service will be resumed in five minutes, no doubt.


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