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Philip Davies and reported speech

The MSM and various ‘charities’ are up in arms about the fact that Philip Davies said that the disabled are second class citizens who should work for less than the National Minimum Wage etc etc. blah blah blah.

Only he never said either of those things, did he? Philip Davies simply stood up in Parliament and reported what other people had said to him. His speech is included right at the beginning of this YouTube clip* (it’s not in Hansard yet):
It seems highly unlikely to me that Mr Davies would make such a claim if it weren’t true, so the whole thing is a storm in a tea cup.

If, for example, an MP were to report that some of his constituents had told him that they would like cannabis to be legalised, or that some of his constituents wanted to “send all the darkies back” (and I’m quite sure that most MPs will have heard just about everything), would that MP then be castigated as a drug fiend or a racist?

Probably he would, and that’s the worrying thing. How are you supposed to have a debate if you aren’t even allowed to report what voters actually think and say? Whether you agree with those sentiments or not is a separate issue.

* As to the substantive issue, discussed in the rest of the YouTube clip, Philip Davies is completely right of course – there shouldn’t be a National Minimum Wage in the first place. If we want to alleviate poverty, then do it via the welfare system, funded out of everybody’s taxes, and don’t try to fob it off onto individual employers.


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