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Fun Online Polls: Your favourite “Fi” and the police database

The lead kept changing in last week’s Fun Online Poll (which is unusual) but the final results are:

Which is your favourite “Fi”? (multiple answers allowed)

Sci-Fi – 47 votes
WiFi – 25 votes
Hi-Fi – 21 votes
Other, please speciFi – 13 votes

Which is ironic really, as WiFi would have been considered Sci-Fi until a decade or two ago, and Hi-Fi would have been considered Sci-Fi until forty or fifty years ago (not to mention MP3 players). Will we be just as blasé about teleportation devices in a century’s time?
According to last week’s Telegraph, “The personal details of 15 million people, a quarter of the population of Britain, will be held on a new police database which will include information about victims of crime, it has emerged.

The Police National Database, which will be launched by ministers next week, will hold the records up to six million apparently innocent people, including every victim of sexual assault and domestic violence… According to official figures a total of 9.2 million people in the UK have criminal records, which means the new database will hold information about up to six million people who have not committed an offence.

So that’s this week’s Fun Online Poll: “Do you think you are on the UK police database?”

Vote here.


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