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Fun Online Polls: Police database and Cheryl Cole

On an OK turnout (thanks to everybody who took part) the results to last week’s Fun Online Poll are as follows:

Do you think you are on the UK police database?

Yes, as a victim of crime – 15%
Yes, as a criminal – 12%
Yes, both as criminal and as victim – 12%
I don’t think so – 49%
Other, please specify – 11%

So that’s only about half who reckon they won’t be on it, rather less than the official estimate that three-quarters of us won’t be on it, which gave rise to mucho shock-horror headlines just over a week ago.
Another shock-horror story which caught my eye was in the weekend’s red tops, see e.g. Daily Mirror: “Ashley Cole is to jet back to the UK for a reunion with ex-wife Cheryl so they can discuss their future together. The Chelsea star is due back from his US holiday next week and his number one priority is to meet Cheryl and try to convince her to take him back. And friends of the former X Factor judge say she is considering giving the serial love cheat another chance.”

So that’s this week’s Fun Online Poll: Should Cheryl Cole go back to her serial cheat love rat overpaid prima donna ex-husband?

Vote here. I based the spelling on back issues of VIZ and the online English to Geordie translator, don’t blame me if it’s not perfect.


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