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Just to recap, based on what it actually says on the signs over the shops:

Some shops don’t have an “s” at the end of their name

TESCO (usually spelled in capitals as it’s an acronym). We say “Aldi” or “Lidl” and not “Aldi’s” or Lidl’s”, so why do so many people say “Tesco’s”?
W H Smith
Marks & Spencer
John Lewis
Fortnum & Mason

The following have an “s” and an apostrophe
Sainsbury’s (which is the trading name of the group headed by J Sainsbury plc)

Both of these methods are corrrect, I suppose. Either no “s” at all (which is a bit old-fashioned) or an apostrophe and then an “s” (which is a bit common).

The following have an “s” but no apostrophe
Woolworths (to the extent it still exists)
Boots (founded by a chap called Jesse Boot)
Macy*s seems to have a star instead of an apostrophe
Robert Dyas
Harvey Nichols

All of the ones on this list would appear to be missing an apostrophe, apart from Robert Dyas, which was his real name, and Harvey Nichols, because one of the founding partners was called Nichols.


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