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Alison Seabeck edition] Killer Arguments Against LVT, Not (141)

Another snippet from yesterday’s meeting between Priced Out and Caroline Flint and Alison Seabeck:

I had briefly outlined why replacing other taxes with Land Value Tax would genuinely help, re-establish the balance between generations and so on. Ms Seabeck said that this was all well and good but what about people being ‘forced to move away from their families, communities being uprooted’ etc.

I forgot to mention that as things stand we already have this: there are a lot of young (and not- so-young) people who cannot afford to buy a house anywhere near they grew up; certainly nothing as nice as the one in which they grew up, so under current rules it is the young and not-so-young who are being ‘forced’ to move further away, to cheaper areas while all the Baby Boomers and pensioners stay put (and then complain that none of their children can be bothered to ‘settle down’, i.e. have grandchildren, or that their ungrateful children or grandchildren never visit them), and launched directly into the retort I had rehearsed:

I – much like Ms Flint or Ms Seabeck – have been round every street in my area, delivering leaflets at election time (I didn’t mention for which party) and that, just like most places, there are big detached houses with big gardens; semis, small terraced houses (the ones where you can post a leaflet in one door and then lean over the fence to do the one next door); blocks with big, grand flats and blocks with much smaller flats – all within a radius of a few hundred yards.

So even if pensioners were ‘forced’ to downsize, they’d all be able to find something affordable within a few hundred yard radius (or certainly within a few minutes’ drive, a couple of bus stops, or whatever), so they can give or sell their old house to their children and move into somewhere affordable close by, problem solved.

There wasn’t much they could say to that, really.


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