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One for Umbongo

From the FT:

Should David Cameron, prime minister, execute another of his elegant U-turns – this time on the large sums going to poor countries riddled with corruption? Certainly pressure for him to think again about foreign aid is growing. The latest blast comes from Sir Edward Clay, our former high commissioner to Kenya. In a powerful paper for the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, Sir Edward says corruption is endemic among many countries receiving UK aid yet checks on the way that our money is spent are thoroughly inadequate.

Sir Edward, who appeared before the committee on Tuesday, is highly critical of the government’s target of giving 0.7 per cent of gross national product in aid. He says it is damaging, it ties the government’s hands and it removes “from taxpayers the right to make a judgment” on the stewardship of aid. The target, which has not yet been enacted into law, is worth £9.1bn a year – “more than we spend on policing, more than on the Olympics…  more than the UN spends on global peacekeeping”..


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