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A bit like that Hitchcock film…

From The Daily Mail:

A holidaymaker has told how he was blinded after a bird pecked out his eye in a horror attack on a beach.

Animal-lover Michael Buckland, 38, kindly tried to rescue the injured gannet when he spotted it struggling for life. But the terrified bird began pecking at his face – and punctured his right eyeball at least three times with its razor sharp six-inch beak in Gower, South Wales.

His left eyelid was sliced in two and his right eye dangled from his face following the frenzied attack. Now welder Michael has been told by doctors he will never be able to see again through his right eye – but his left eye has been saved…

Jesus H Christ, this isn’t funny any more.



This owl is superb:

“Buzzard attacks Gloucestershire pensioner”

From This Is Gloucestershire:

KEEN walker Nick George was left with blood pouring out of four deep scratches on the top of his head after a vicious attack by a buzzard. The 71-year-old is now warning people to be careful if they venture into the countryside as he did. He said: “If it attacked me, it could attack anybody.”

… Jemima Parry-Jones, of the International Centre for Birds of Prey, in Newent, said buzzards and other birds such as tawny owls occasionally attacked people to protect their young.

She said: “When any animal has a baby, it is liable to be defensive.” Miss Parry-Jones said people should be particularly vigilant during June and July. She added: “If you wear a hat, you won’t have a problem.”

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