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She’d have really messed up this week’s Fun Online Poll results, had she been entered.

I drew this one exactly a year ago:

The Ultimate Elvis Presley Tribute Act

From the NME:

A man has been found dead in a portable toilet in the VIP backstage area of Glastonbury festival this morning (June 26)…

Horse Attack

From the BBC:

A woman has died after a horse hitched to a carriage bolted and crashed into spectators at an event in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk…

St Edmundsbury Borough Council Chief Executive Jeff Rivers said health and safety officers were investigating… Mr Rivers said:

“Unfortunately one of the horses, that wasn’t actually being used at that time, was being held by a member of staff. But something happened so the horse took fright, bolted, went round the circuit it had traditionally done when it was giving rides, and then broke away from that and crashed right down the middle avenue where most people were.”

Brian Haw

Didn’t make it.

Terrible shame, he’s the sort of person who makes me proud to be British.

Ye Olde Cow Attack

Item 7 in a BBC article on Ten strange ways Tudors died

Tudor-style mad cow disease took the form of a “madd cow” belonging to William Cheills of Hogsthorpe, Lincolnshire. A man walking through the fields in March 1557 was attacked by the cow, which gored him to death with her horn [just the one?]. The victim’s name was Robert Calf.

Spotter’s badge: Dick Puddlecote

Interesting juxtaposition by the BBC:

Exhibit One:

The government has been urged to improve support for the “heartbroken” families of people who go missing.

The UK’s first parliamentary inquiry into the issue… will also consider calls to make it easier to register the death of a missing person whose body has not been found, in order to sort out their financial and legal affairs.

Courts can be asked to declare someone dead after seven years, although in England and Wales it is not statutory. Ms Elias, whose brother Richey Edwards went missing in a high-profile case in 1995, says getting a missing person declared dead is too complicated…

Exhibit Two:

Two women have admitted failing to bury their dead relative, whose body was found at their family home on Merseyside months after she died.

Olive Hazel Maddock, 61, pleaded guilty to preventing the burial of her 95-year-old mother, also called Olive, between January and August 2010. Her daughter Jasmine – the dead woman’s granddaughter – admitted the same charge at Liverpool Crown Court.

Olive Maddock also admitted dishonestly claiming her mother’s benefits…

Missing Word Round

Classic stuff, recited without trace of irony in The Telegraph (click and highlight to reveal):

Figures published yesterday by the Office for National Statistics showed that while the death rate from alcohol was lower among the most advantaged classes, such as lawyers and company bosses, it rose steadily from 9.8 deaths per 100,000 men aged 45-49, to 23.5 deaths aged 60 to 64.