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She’d have really messed up this week’s Fun Online Poll results, had she been entered.

I drew this one exactly a year ago:


Trailing second to last in this week’s Fun Online Poll

P!nk – Jewish? Cute? Both? You decide:Nominated by John B, who once reckoned that in an ideal world, girls would be genetically engineered to look like Natalie Portman (who is not a pop star and hence excluded from the poll).

Currently in last place in this week’s Fun Online Poll

Justine Frischman:

Trailing badly in this week’s Fun Online Poll…

… Louise Wener:

Currently in third place in this week’s Fun Online Poll

Melanie Blatt:

A bit noisy, but gets the point across

This is pretty niche – you have to be not too old to remember Madonna from way back but not too young to have kids who listen to Lady Gaga – but being exactly the right age, this was the first thing I thought of when I heard “Born this way”:

Fun Online Polls, NotW, Short Lists, Female Jewish Pop Stars

You are a surprisingly unbloodthirsty lot. The results to last week’s Fun Online Show Trial By Internet were as follows:

News Of The World: Who deserves to go to prison? (multiple answers allowed)

Rebekah Brooks – 77 votes
Andy Coulson – 64 votes
James Murdoch – 53 votes
Rupert Murdoch – 51 votes
Les Hinton – 32 votes
Other – please specify – 20 votes
They are all entirely innocent – 34 votes

Total 130 voters

I’ll accept majority verdictts, so it looks like only Brooksy is going down for this. Thanks to everybody who voted and for all the comments over at the poll – those people who chose ‘other’ nominated mainly policemen on the take, MPs in general and G Brown, T Blair and J Prescott in particular (which seems fair enough, but we could put them in the dock for plenty of other stuff as well).
And lo, there was some dispute as to whether P!nk counts as a “Female Jewish pop star who is extremely cute” (two for, one against, so i couldn’t use my casting vote) so let’s throw it open to the floor.

Deadline for nominations (same thread) is now closed, this week’s Fun Online Poll is “Who is the cutest female Jewish pop star?”, whereby “Jewish”, “cute” and “pop star” are all highly subjective.

Vote here or use the widget in the sidebar.

Short Lists

The last short list was: “Countries which have never devalued their currency; ‘restructured’ or defaulted on their national debt; taken a bridging loan from the IMF; accepted soft loans/grants under Lend/Lease, Marshall Plan, or from World Bank or EU; received overseas aid; nationalised foreign-owned assets etc.”

The following countries appear to qualify:

Bhutan (submitted by Bayard)
Australia (Adam Collyer)
Sweden (Dearieme)
Canada (Ross)

Mike W and Steve_L, who’ve actually read a book about it, seemed to think that there is no such country.
This week’s Short List: “Female Jewish pop stars who are very cute”. I can only think of two (not Dana International or Amy Winehouse!), but there may be a few more.

Friday night gear change

I’ve gave up doing the weekly slot because I ran out of new material, so here’s one from the archives: “In your room” by The Bangles, fronted by the doe-eyed Susanna Hoffs, who is on the short list of “Jewish pop stars who are really cute” (hey – there’s an idea for a Short List. I haven’t done one of those for a couple of weeks either). Up a semi-tone at 1 minute 43 seconds.

The Ultimate Elvis Presley Tribute Act

From the NME:

A man has been found dead in a portable toilet in the VIP backstage area of Glastonbury festival this morning (June 26)…