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Short Lists

It’s a very short one, I suspect there is only one item on it: “US soap operas called after a hill in south east Essex”

Hours of fun at the BBC

A list of people’s most hatedest Americanisms, complete with 1,267 commentations.

My favourite: 14. I caught myself saying “shopping cart” instead of “shopping trolley” today and was thoroughly disgusted with myself. Graham Nicholson, Glasgow


This owl is superb:

NIMBYs Of The Week

Spotted by Joseph Takagi in The Augusta Chronicle:

An Evans neighborhood association has blocked a group that was prepared to build a home free of charge for a local veteran who was injured in Afghanistan. The homebuilding group, Homes for Our Troops, says Knob Hill Property Owners Association approved the home’s design June 2 but reversed its decision in a later meeting….

Homes for Our Troops worked for four months with the Knob Hill Property Owners Association to get the design approved, according to John Gonsalves, [HfoT’s] founder. But at an association meeting, members said the 2,700-square-foot home was too small and neighbors thought it would bring property values down, Gonsalves said. A cease-and-desist order was issued as the site was being prepared last week.

“We’ve done everything they’ve asked. For them to do this at the last minute is very disturbing,” he said. “I don’t think there’s a community in America that shouldn’t embrace this family after what they’ve sacrificed. No one deserves it more.”

But owners association member Tom Rogers said Homes for Our Troops did not do everything asked of it. The group did not have written approval from the association’s architectural review board, but negotiated through e-mail only.

“What’s important to understand is the family already lives here. They’re a great family. We have no qualms with them,” Rogers said. “The problem is, that street down there has 5,000-square-foot homes all the way up and down the street there. … It just doesn’t fit. That’s the whole issue.”

Gonsalves said his team checked association documents, which do recommend that at least 2,700-square-foot houses be built, but Rogers said homeowners in that section built much larger homes.

We want to protect our homes that we worked hard to achieve, and we want everyone to be treated equally,” Rogers said. “These people will have to go through the same process as everyone else did.”

Another “deer smashes through window” story*

From The Daily Mail:

The Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina, may want to look into updating its security system after a deer broke through a glass door and tore through the house of worship. Security cameras caught the deer pushing his way though an unguarded entrance, before taking the grand tour…

The deer proceeded to charge though the halls of the crowded church, leaving children – who were forced to dodge the sprinting animal – terrified and scrambling for the exits. A trio of brave men followed behind the unwanted guest as he nosed through a few rooms in what resembled a classic skit on the Benny Hill show.”

Previous episodes here and here.

* OK, glass door, window, what’s the big difference?

Cow attacks: This professor claims to be an expert?!?

From the Des Moines Register:

A rural Urbana woman died after a cow attacked her while she was feeding her animals, leaving people baffled.

“It’s pretty unusual for a cow to become aggressive,” said Terry Engelken, an associate professor at Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. “We have a few instances of (cow attacks) across the country every year – but it’s uncommon. For it to result in a fatality is very uncommon.”

I also wonder why the URL includes the word “SPORT”, it’s only a sport from the cows’ point of view.