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Short Lists

It’s a very short one, I suspect there is only one item on it: “US soap operas called after a hill in south east Essex”


Giant Sinkhole Of The Week

Spotted by Pavlov’s Cat at the BBC.

Hours of fun at the BBC

A list of people’s most hatedest Americanisms, complete with 1,267 commentations.

My favourite: 14. I caught myself saying “shopping cart” instead of “shopping trolley” today and was thoroughly disgusted with myself. Graham Nicholson, Glasgow

Silly optical illusion spotted on way home

No, that’s banana skins, you idiot.

From The Metro:

Mother-of-four Carlee Cartwright has been fined more than £350 in a row over littering her street with orange peel… “Although littering may not appear to be a serious offence, it is an anti-social offence,” said chairman of the bench Garry Swann. “Particularly in the case of orange peel, it could cause someone to slip and maybe injure themselves quite seriously,” he added.

Honeymoon Tips

If you had some pre-marital difficulties and your new husband takes you on honeymoon to South Africa, then remember to politely decline the offer of a taxi-ride through the rougher townships.

Separated at birth


This owl is superb:

A solution looking for a problem…

Here’s the solution: This would solve the following problems:
1. The sun shining in the players’ eyes.
2. Play having to be stopped every time it rains at Wimbledon.*
3. Those rather unsporting double-handed shots.
4. There’s not enough space for advertising logos on a tennis racquet.
5. The players will have something to hide behind if they are sulking after losing a game, or if they wish to mouth swear words at their opponent.

Any more ideas?

* Apparently they’ve gone for the rather more expensive option on Centre Court.

Letters From A Tory is up and blogging again!

Although I can’t quite make sense of it any more.